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Front Doors/Window Installation

If you’re a store and want a modern look for your exterior, glass is the way to go. It’s no surprise why glass is widely used as a shop front.

Shopfronts reflect your business. The design of your storefront depends on your industry. Hampton Glass and Mirror can help you identify what storefront makes the most suitable choice for your store. For example, if you’re a clothing store, glass offers extra space for the product to shine. There’s also toughened glass which gives an improved sense of security, perfect for jewelry stores.

Here are some benefits of choosing glass for your storefront:

  1. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Save on long-term maintenance cost since windows are ridiculously easy to clean.
  2. Perpetual Advertising: Display your products and interior 24/7. Glass makes it easy to grab the attention of window shoppers, enticing them to make a faster decision.
  3. More Appealing: Let’s be honest, looks matter. The sleeker the store the more you want to check it out. Glass has that ability to stand out from other building materials.
  4. Easier Installation: It takes less time to install glass in comparison to timber or aluminum. Less time means fewer installation expenses.

We have more than 10 years of experience working in this industry. This means that we know about glass doors and windows. We know how to install glass in all its facets, how to replace it, how to spot a problem and better yet, how to fix it. When you need some glass work done at home or at your business, give us a call at 678-294-6501 or 404-908-5151 and request a free estimate from one of our experts.

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